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Wind & Sea Med

2.49 usd

Wind & Sea Med is the APP that allows you to always have the famous LAMMA weather forecasts for sea and wind in the Mediterranean at your fingertips. The point of force is its ease of use and consultation with accurate and detailed maps, but at the same time very intuitive, thanks to the choice of the color scale made by the LaMMA consortium.
Available models:"Wave Height", "Wave Period", "Wind at 10m", "Wind Gust", "Sea Temperature (weekly forecast)", "Precipitation", "Cloudiness".
Available seas: “Mediterranian", "Western Mediterranian", "Eastern Mediterranian", "Ligurian Sea and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea", "Southern Tyrrhenian Sea", "Sardinia", "Sicily", "Ionian Sea", "Northern Adriatic Sea", "Southern Adriatic Sea", "Corsica", "Tuscan Archipelago", "Strait of Bonifacio", "Pontines Islands", "Aeolian Islands", "Ustica", "Istrian Peninsula", "Tremiti Islands and Gargano", "Corfu", "French Riviera", "Gulf of Genoa", "Gulf of Taranto", "Sardinia Sea", "Balearic Islands", "Valencia", "Alboran Sea", "Gulf of Lion"; Sardinia Channel", "Tunisia and Libye", "Gulf of Sidra", "Central Mediterranean", "Greece", "Chalkidiki", "Greek Islands", "Crete", "South Crete", "Israel", "Egypt", "Turkey", "Cyprus and Lebanon".